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Clinical Strength Exercise Physiology

Allied Health x Movement x Strength


Clinical Strength EP, and Me...

Allied Health x Movement x Strength

I'm Nick. I'm just an enthusiastic exercise physiologist who believes in the immense power and vastly underrated positive impact of movement, and specifically, strength...

Clinical Strength Exercise Physiology is about bringing the power of movement, lifting and strength to formal health care

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What is Clinical Exercise Physiology?

Clinical exercise physiology is the contemporary active alternative to standard health care - therapeutic and remedial exercise prescription for the prevention, treatment, management and rehabilitation of injury, disease and complex conditions.

Clinical exercise physiology is a recognized allied health service, endorsed by Medicare, Private Health Insurance, WorkCover and other insurance schemes.



Crossfit Class
Physical Therapy Session
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Strength & Movement

Health and fitness by learning YOUR fundamental skills of movement, mobility and strength in the gym, curated by your unique abilities

Exercise Physiology

Exercise based allied health and physical rehabilitation for chronic illness, disease, injuries and other complex conditions


Fully endorsed and accredited Exercise Physiology Allied Health consultations, delivered remotely


"Nick's down to earth approach was a unique and refreshing experience compared to the standard health and fitness stuff"


"A knowledgeable, supportive, realistic, rounded and open person to help introduce and guide me through my exercise and health journey"


"A great coach who keeps the training honest and simple with no messing around and a 'back to basics' philosophy"



Contact Me or Book In

No fancy online book-in system, just email and conversation will do

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Clinical Strength Exercise Physiology

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