• Nicholas Kent

Meditations in the gym...

Every movement, every lift - don't be too constrained. Whilst being wary as to not waste too much time, don't also be constrained by ideals of "getting this over with". Be in each movement, each lift, as best as you're able and your focus holds.

Don't think too far ahead, about works' completion yet - but also don't stray from the works' yet to come. For the real work, what counts, is in the movement, in the lift, in the feeling, in the moment. This is the most tangible, subjective and objectively real thing happening - right now.

This rep is your change.

The previous rep is a memory - not to be ignored and wisely understood, but no longer quantitatively real, subjectively malleable. The next rep is anticipatory - a prediction heeded and accounted for, but still just a promise and ultimately breakable. Neither are tangibly real so detach from both, just enough. Action is real instead.

This rep is real.

Being in that time, that rep, that act, is the development, it is the strength, it is the change. Bring your focus inwards to the doing of each act - don't float too far ahead, or bog down too far behind.

Not 5 reps, but 1, 1, 1, 1 and 1.

**An entry, reworked a little, from an old journal of notes from times passed. Old notes are the best, sometimes...