• Nicholas Kent

The low hanging fruit - a training fable...

A boy approaches an apple tree and is only allowed to pick a single fruit from it once a day. This boy is wise, so opts to only reach for the lowest hanging apples. Over time, he comes back everyday, quickly reaches for the apple that is most within reach for him, takes it, eats it and moves on.

Other kids on the other trees are impatient and want to reach to the bigger, juicier apples that are higher up in the tree, the ones just beyond their reach. Some get one here and there but not everyday, others fall down and hurt themselves trying. Some concoct all types of elaborate plans and ideas to get 2, even 3 apples in one go, only for their plans to be simply too complicated and difficult to do every day. Some get nothing at all, ever, and for the most part, they all just give up in the end, hungry, malnourished and frustrated.

For the boy though, he just keeps coming back for the easy pickings - the apple that he must reach for but can always get. He eats and his belly is full. Eventually, by coming back day after day, soon enough the apples on the lower branches are becoming empty, but also, by him not missing his daily apple something else is also happening - he is growing. He's now able to reach more of the bigger, juicier apples higher in the tree and keep helping himself to these apples, day in, day out.

Each day, the boy is helping himself to his one apple within his reach, every day he gets to eat and he keeps growing tall enough for the next days apple...

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