• Nicholas Kent

What should I do for...?

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Often times the scientist in me will revert to total diplomacy when it comes to things around ones health, what they could do, what they should do and what can help somebody. In a world full of misguidance, you'd think it'd be easier for an authority on exercise, health and such to lay a bit of the authoritative smack down and give the cut and dry prescription.

"Fuck it... do this. Don't ask me again"

As an honest person, it's harder to say this than one might realize. Specifically in the world of exercise - a world innately connected to human behavior and habits, to lay any definitive law of what one "must" do kind of violates everything we know thus far about what being "healthy" is. Even the hard definition of health is kind of an elusive thing, so as a non-charlatan, scientific, open to anything, expert in a broad field type, when somebody wants the "rules" on what they need to do to whip themselves into shape or just getting healthier, it can be difficult because as any good coach or practitioner will tell you in this caper, usually "it depends..."

But sometimes you wake up and it really is just like...

"Fuck it... do this. Don't ask me again"

"Eat well. Sleep well. Squats, push-ups and go for a walk. Don't ask me again"

This is my 'click-bait' / 'hot take' answer the average person wants to a very nuanced and complex problem.

Eat well. Sleep well. Squats, push-ups and go for a walk.

If you can navigate doing these things, in some capacity, accounting for and troubleshooting pain, injury and any other hurdles, frequently and consistently, for a long time, then by just doing that you will have opened Pandora's box to some of the greatest health practices you could undertake and I (almost) guarantee will leave you on a trajectory of life changing better health (in the normal ways we think of it) than anything you could imagine. There are a lot of things left on the table here, and I am painfully aware of this. It almost kills me merely typing such absolute answers to simple, yet complex questions.

"What about this?" "What about that?"

I know, I know... but you asked for it. This is the answer you want. The simpler the answer probably means there's worlds of depth underneath, so bake that into your expectations rather than the usual disappointed "oh, but... "

"Eat well. Sleep well. Squats, push-ups and go for a walk. Don't ask me again"