• Nicholas Kent

Training Journal - 12/8/21 - Back in a lockdown

The best thing about being in a lockdown whilst being somewhat incapacitated, is that you can really gather some momentum through consistency if you've got the shit you need at hand, luckily for me these things are minimal. Despite again being kicked out of the gym, the constructive escape that was worth ubering and hobbling around for, I've found a bit of a groove with the stuff I kinda/sorta set out to aim at - improving my pull-ups by way of slowly increasing daily volume. Upper body strength and capacity always being a shortfall of mine, just injecting a drip feed of slow incremental volume of pull-ups and push-ups, and generally hitting these everyday has been pretty good lately. So despite everything else, at least those boxes are being ticked.

Side benefits - my foot is allowing me (at least I don't think this is causing any issues... the next MRI and X-Rays will see) to do some reverse nordics and I'm hitting some bridge variations and stuff like that. Finally, the leg work that actually makes me feel like I'm constructively prepping myself for the road ahead, the next surgery and some full-body stimulation that I crave. I never really felt "trained" if my legs didn't do something, so being able to stimulate them with the reverse-nordics and some bridge stuff makes me FEEL (an underrated aspect of training success) like I'm succeeding and getting there...

So all in all, getting the novel high-ish volume of upper-body work as well as the much longed for lower body stimulation, whilst not being able to weight-bear on one leg... I feel like keeping my body in check is working, finally.


Pull-ups x 3EMOM x 11min = 33

Push-ups x 7EMOM x 10min = 70 (first dose)

Push-ups x 6EMOM x 10min = 60 (later dose)

Reverse Nordic iso holds x 20sec x 5sets

Ham Bridge March Holds x 5 x 5sec hold per leg x 3sets