• Nicholas Kent

Training Journal - 29/9/21 - In a swing...

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Honestly, this post is about putting something down more than anything else. Consistency being the real game, this is me trying to lasoo this concept and turn it from being an occasional and "active" endeavor to something that is more innate.

Anyways... whatever. I'll do something easy and write about my shitty, but existent-nonetheless training whilst "partially incapacitated." I've always loved to be active, generally have seen it as in integral aspect to my wellbeing, but have never appreciated the loss of it till recently. Even when my primary and most important physical passion of basketball went by the wayside two-fold; first being my knee, then the pandemic, I never really felt un-moored as I could still be physical and work through things well enough. But as of late, it's been apparently so clear that I really need this for reasons far beyond merely blowing the cobwebs out and so on. Getting up and doing something active. Working and honing a physical skill. Training the body and noticing the nuances of both the body and minds transformation. A study of self, through a prism of a physical discipline and exploring the transcendence of principles to other dimensions of life...

This stuff excites me and interests me. And even when it's still half there, I feel lost anyway...

Thankfully, I'm in a bit of a swing of daily work and slowly moving forward... A routine within a routine. My normal routine has always been dictated by the amount of hoops I'd play in a week, then other things would work around that, kind of. I'd always had the staple of Monday, Wednesday and Friday to specifically lift. Muck around on other days, play hoops on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Do as I reasonably please and most of my "training" boxes were ticked to fulfill me... If anything, I could be almost too "shiny-object-syndrome", in that things were sub-optimal from a perspective of trying to do too much, or wanting to do too much. This rarely bothered me, really. Lockdown made things change though. An ACL rupture made things change even further, but overall the adjustment wasn't too bad. Minus hoops, I still was able to maintain strength, work on some novel things and keep my conditioning and fitness up, so I never felt I was truly slowing down and any lay-offs weren't so forced or severe.

Lately, it's definitely different and the work-around is far less-discreet. Being off your feet for months makes things significantly different. It gives a chance to otherwise work on things I'd not really given time to, such as pull-ups and other skills that I'm still terrible at, which is a plus. But to me, nothing fills the void like being able to truly move and be athletic rather than the modern "stationary fitness." That lack-of makes me feel lost. But, you need to keep moving forward in some capacity, hang tight with what you do have, make that stuff the best it can be, and make the best of it all, somehow... I feel that stasis is closer these days, or as good as it's been in months.

What's been happening?

A generally nice routine of getting into the studio-gym I sometimes work at and ploughing away at some movements, lifts and etc. Keeping a rough score to mark improvement at trainable qualities, acquiring and honing things I'm still less good at and overall running my own race in terms of improvement curve - much to the dismay of a younger, crazier former athlete lifter who's slightly more detached from the concept of pacing and longevity in this game. His mode is good for me, but he's way more start-stop. He'll push hard, get slightly hurt, ignore his body and get really hurt later. Then it's a forced lay-off. I'm trying to hold my own line of slow and steady, allowing my skills, tissues and body to adapt with the slowly rising stimulus and thus rewarding me with a consistency that keeps me sane. He'll understand this clearer someday. But overall, the having somewhere to go, with boundless time to just move my body - though not in the manner of which is 100% satisfactory, but I've got to cut myself the slack of being on a single leg. Things are hard that way, but I still persevere - and this journey itself, feels good. The essence of training, I guess.

Bench pressing: a long lost lift I haven't "trained" for a long time

Z-press: an underrated challenge and handy in these times

Pull-up variations: a slow, but improving work in progress

Nordic hams: a challenging skill I've always admired, wanted, but never focused on. Now I am.

Reverse Nordics for quads: same as above. A lifesaver for my quads on a non-weightbearing limb, too.

Arm things: never really done them much, or since the younger days (like everyone did). The longer I do this, the more I realise that neglecting arms is a sin, and not for aesthetic reasons.

Rope work: upper body conditioning is a bitch, but it's all I have right now.

L-sits: Brutal. Holds are brutal.

Hanging leg-raise: A simple yet tough one - helps the abs and the grip. Both key, yet overlooked usually.

This isn't an overview of a standard day, these are just the things that are mainly what's being consistently worked at and done. Some are systematic. Others are by feel and repetition. Either way, I feel more nourished than I otherwise have been for a while now.

I guess the "training" ain't so shitty.