• Nicholas Kent

Training Journal - 25/7/21 - The Tetris of Training

As somebody else creatively puts it; "the tetris of training"

That somebody is actually a fella named Mark Wildman, an engineer turn celebrity/Hollywood trainer who puts a great mathematical spin on program design and logistics... In lockdown and my personal hiatus, his videos and insights into constructing programs and engineering progression, regression and etc into training have been great.

Anyways, without getting lost in how fancy and elaborate it can all get, we still want to stick to the program overall - but the engineering of it all can really make daunting undertakings and goals into more nifty bite size and doable chunks/processes that highlight your wins, encourages adherence and shows tangible progression without it feeling like you had to conquer Everest each day to get it done - a real art and overlooked aspect of program design.

Anyhoo, that's where my EMOM inspiration is basically coming from on my day to day schedule. But be careful to not overload yourself with too many things when everything seems so damn doable with these little design hacks. This is now my challenge.

Today was hardly monumental, but a check-in on myself was due...


Push-ups x 6EMOM x 10min = 60

Wide grip pull-ups x 3EMOM x 5min = 15

Push-ups x 6EMOM x 10min = 60