• Nicholas Kent

Training Journal - 19/7/21 - Improvisation


Still on the pull-ups, just as an account to ongoing accountability. But the rest of it is very much a responsive endeavor, just doing whatever seems to inspire me as a worthy substitute at the time. Today was kettlebell deadlifts with my 24, on my knees, on two chairs. Might keep those.

This was the inspiration to todays theme of improvisation, but try it sometime.

The rest was your standard stuff, but done without a right lower leg - KB rows, kneeling DB OHP, V-ups, a weird glute exercise by Bret "The Glute-guy" Contreras called "frog-pumps" (google that one). Classic push, pull, abs, etc. Just ticking things over, a rolling stone gathers no moss type stuff.

I'm not usually 4 days between efforts, though I kept a 100 push-ups a day protocol which I run on the side, but a busy weekend was on... Never forget that life is larger than this stuff.


Pull-ups; 2EMOM x 18 = 36total